Crowne Plaza ANA Nagasaki Gloverhill Hotel

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Crowne Plaza ANA Nagasaki Gloverhill Hotel

Seriously, its a mouthful of a name for a hotel, and kind of long to type when searching for reviews. Which was what I was doing before we left for our trip to Kyushu. What I got was a bit of a mixed review online hence it was with a little trepidation when I agreed to book the hotel, especially since we had planned for 2 nights in Nagasaki.
It is hence fortunate (for us) that I'm able to write a pretty positive review of the hotel for this post. Unfortunately for you readers, for some reason, I have no idea where the photos I took of the room went to. There's this chunk of missing photos which includes those of this hotel's room. So it's just going to be my words on your screen. Plus the only 2 photos I took on my mobile phone (and hence did not mysteriously disappear).
Let's start with what I like best about this hotel: it's location, which is absolutely fantastic. The Crowne Plaza ANA Nagasaki Gloverhill is situation at the base of Glover Garden, and next to the Oura Catholic Church. That's 2 attractions within walking distance for you! Seriously, it's the first hotel I've stayed in that is next to 2 attractions. Well, theme park hotels not counted in that list.
You want to know what else is nearby? Apparently, there's a train stop within walking distance from the hotel, which should make moving around pretty easy. Not verified by us though since we had a driver. Shikairo, the Chinese restaurant that first served champon, is right across the road from the hotel. The port is also nearby so any ferry trips can also be easily managed.
Shopping street is on one side of the hotel. There's also a convenience store as well as a drugstore. I bought most of my Japan drugstore beauty products at this pit-stop. And when I finally fell incredibly sick, the convenience store to get my Panadols (and face masks) was just a few steps away. That plus the countless drinks and snacks we bought.
Basically, almost everything is within distance from the hotel. Love it!

Since the only other photo I have is that of my breakfast, let me then share about the breakfast buffet. The breakfast buffet was a decent spread of East and West, so you don't have to worry about not being able to find something to eat. Additional plus, the food is pretty decent unlike our next hotel.
Breakfast service staff were efficient. The floor manager on both mornings were the same guy and he could speak some English, so that came in handy. I also bought a cheesecake from the patisserie on the ground floor and it was the usual Japanese hospitality. Apart from those, we didn't really interact with the staff otherwise. Even check-in was handled by my guide, so not much comments from us there.
Now onto the room itself. Do note that the hotel is pretty old, so no surprise there that our room appeared a little tired and worn. Nevertheless, it was neat and clean with the requisite basic amenities present. Those of you who cannot stand the smell of smoke, please make sure you ask for a non-smoking room.
As there were 3 of us, they gave the bigger twin room and added a bed next to the window. Not exactly the most spacious, but let's be honest, hotels in Japan aren't exactly known to be spacious. In fact, we've had far worse and cramp-ier spaces so we ain't complaining there. More importantly, beds were comfortable. I knocked out pretty fast both nights we were there.
A mouthful of a name but a hotel I wouldn't mind coming back to.
Tourist Information
Crowne Plaza ANA Nagasaki Gloverhill
Local Name: ANAクラウンプラザホテル長崎グラバーヒル
Website: Link here
Address: 1-18 Minamiyamate-machi, Nagasaki 850-0931, Nagasaki Prefecture
Local Address: 〒850-0931南山手町1-18
DID: 800 852 6027

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