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Sunday, 8 May 2016

Ok, here's a quick one as to what I consider some of the more awesome stuff at Chitose Airport. Yeah, I'm a little rushed for time but figured if I don't get this out today, I'll be really swamped over the next week and I definitely won't be able to write anything then
So anyway, there's plenty of things to do at Chitose Airport. It's one of those airports where I wouldn't mind getting to earlier to walk around, eat and shop. It almost feels like a giant shopping mall.
Of course, those of you who need to stock up or grab last minute gifts, Chitose Airport has loads of stuff. I usually try to avoid getting those at the airport though, since stuff like your Japanese snacks are often marked up at the airports. But the option is definitely there if you need to grab those.
At Chitose Airport, there are 2 food stops that I would recommend:
Cheese tarts.
There are a few brands at the Chitose Airport actually. However, there is only one where you can smell the tarts from corridors away. And it's the only one where I've seen queues. Seriously, just follow your nose and the queue.
Do note, the picture above is not the one that I've mentioned, but something that I wanted to try another time from Le Tao (which is pretty famous and from Otaru). I forget to get a picture of the actual store while I was there. I secretly think that the aroma of the cheese tarts just made me forget everything.
Buta Don.
Ok, this time, the picture is the actual store, and this is one of the best buta don I have ever eaten. It was recommended to me by a friend. I brought my parents this round, and since then, my mom has been hankering for a second taste of it.

There's also a Daiso (aka the 100 yen store) in Chitose Airport. To be honest, Daiso can be found all over Japan. In all my other Japan trips, I would always make it a point to visit at least one outlet every trip. Unfortunately, because we were on a group tour this round, I actually didn't get to visit any while on tour! So you can imagine how happy I was that there's one at the airport. Even though it was a small one, at the very least, I didn't have to break that record.
Fans of Calbee, don't miss out the Calbee showroom on the 4th floor of the Chitose Airport. Ok, even if you are not a fan, give it a try. I very much prefer the Calbee snacks in Japan and oftentimes, they have seasonal flavours that can hardly be found outside of Japan.
There's also a Calbee Plus on the west side of the airport, 2nd floor where you can get those yummy, lip-smacking good potato crisps fresh off the fryer! You can even add toppings like chocolate! Trust me, they're good.
There are many other cool places to visit at the Chitose Airport (and I plan to visit those the next time I'm there). For those with kids, you shouldn't miss out the Doraemon Waku Waku Sky Park on the 3rd floor of the airport. There's something for everyone in the family, from kids' play area, craft workshops, gift shops and even a café.
There's also a Royce Chocolate World at the Airport. Royce is one of my favourite Japanese chocolate brand. Everytime I come back from Japan, my mom despairs at the number of boxes of Royce chocolates I haul home. Despair? Because it's yummy but it triggers her migraine.
So those of you headed to Hokkaido Chitose Airport soon, do make sure you have some time to explore that mega shopping mall of an airport!
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