A Group Tour (amongst other stuff) Inspired This Blog

Sunday, 26 July 2015

I'm not new to blogging,
not when I've written a nail polish/nail art blog since 2009.
And I have great respect for bloggers, whether professional or not,
for I personally find blogging requires one hell of a lot of time and effort invested.
For me, my weekends are already spent on my nail polish/nail art blog.
And yet here I am, writing yet another blog.
Have I gone mad?
Well. I sure hope not.
I just wanted an outlet for the other enjoyments I have.
The same way I do for my nails.
That's not madness is it?
Maybe I'll sing a different tune in 6 months time,
but until then, I'll just enjoy this ride.
Ok, it's not as if I lead an incredibly exciting life.
But I thought I'll just document and share the perspectives and joys of my little world.
Especially since I kept thinking that there would be so many things I'll want to write about
when I did my homework before flying off on a recent group tour to Hokkaido, Japan.

*penguin says Hi!*
And that homework actually inspired this blog.
When I was looking all over Google and my travel guides,
I found myself wanting a space where I could put everything in one place,
all the notes, photos and reviews.

So, after this introductory post,
that's exactly what I'm going to start with.
My recent Hokkaido group tour,
all my notes, photos and reviews.

Well, it was supposed to be today,
but I sort of misjudged the amount of time I would need to set up the blog.
But I'll definitely get there,
so if you're still reading this,
stay tuned for more then.


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